Tadashi Matsushita
Patent Attroney

Mr. MATSUSHITA specializes in patent application and litigation. His specialist fields are computer software and hardware, businessmethods, mechanics and consultings. He graduated from the Department of Law, Rikkyo University. He was appointed the position of the Chairman of the Software Commitee of Japan Patent Attorneys Association. He is an assistant professor of Kansai University. He frequently lectured about IP matters at University, Government etc.

His web site
Chizai michishirube -Milestone of IP

Recent Publications
July, 2012 "Patents and Copyrights for Software and Businessmethods (Sixth edition)" ASCII Co., 2012
March, 2005 "Assessment for probability of confusion with figure trademarkshin Chizai-kanri, Japan Intellectual Property Management
April, 2005 gA Study of Damages for Program Copyrighthin Kigyou to Hatsumei, Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation
April, 2004 gRelaxation of standard in examination (new issues) of amendmentsh in PATENT, Japan Patent Attorneys Association
May, 2000 gDo Digital Works Deserve Particular Protection?h in Chizai-kanri (Intellectual Property Management), Japan Intellectual Property Association, 2000